Wing Club

Don’t you just love our chicken wings? Every Monday and Thursday we got em on special at $.75 a wing. Well now you can have em for $.75 a wing any day of the week! That’s right! We are getting ready to launch our Horse and Cow Wing Club! For a monthly fee you can come in any day of the week and have our world famous chicken wings at $.75 a wing! That’s right! You won’t have to wait for Monday or Thursday!


$259.50 per year membership fee


$24.95 per month for 12 months

Rules, Options, & Deliciousness

Your annual fee comes with:

  • Horse and Cow memorabilia
  • Monthly member food and drink specials
  • Wing Club Night every third Wednesday of the month!

RULE #1 | Larry’s always right!

RULE #2 | Mike’s always right!

RULE #3 | Boni is the boss of Larry and Mike!

RULE #4 | Refer to rules 1,2 & 3

Okay, here’s the actual rules…

ACTUAL RULE #1 | Limit 25 wings per day per member

ACTUAL RULE #2 | Wing club card must be present

ACTUAL RULE #3 | Available in house only NO TAKEOUT