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The Horse and Cow is world famous among the Naval community. For more than 64 years we have been a home-away-from-home for submariners and our walls are steeped in tradition.
These days our customers range from our men and women of the Armed Forces, to locals, tourists and families. All who come enjoy our delicious food and drinks as well as being surrounded by one of the largest private collections of submarine artifacts in the world.

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A Little History…

The Horse and Cow has had a reputation for being an “Off the Hook” bar for submariners but everyone is welcome to pull up a chair and join the fun. We offer food and beverages to all thirsty parties, including skimmers, jarheads, flyboys, ground pounders, and even puddle jumpers.

Starting out as a night club manager in San Francisco, with his passion of entertaining his patron; Jimmy Looby created his own bar, named the “Horse and Cow” in 1953.

  • Jimmy Looby, founder of Horse & Cow

  • In the Old Days...

    The Horse and Cow in Vallejo from 74-98

  • USS George Washington

  • In the beginning... submariners

  • The Horse and Cow in Vallejo from the 80s

  • Admiral Hyman Rickover, the father of Nuclear Navy

  • Submariners are a special brotherhood...
  • Submariners are a special brotherhood...

The name Horse and Cow has a mythological pedigree. Neptune, god of the sea, is often portrayed as accompanied by a small horse and a small cow (or bull). In World Wars I and II, merchant sailors, terrified of being sunk by submarines, tattooed a horse on one ankle, and a cow on the other, in hopes of ensuring safe passage.

Dedicating this establishment to serving submarine sailors, he created an atmosphere that submarine sailors can call home. The wild antics of the crews of the “Silent Service” that visited the bar became notorious throughout the entire Submarine Force and the US Navy. He continued to run the “Cow” until 1997 when he retired to provide care for his wife Jeanette Looby. He maintained a close relationship with the submarine community and become known as “the Godfather.” The traditions and legacies he established are upheld and cherished. Every now and again some traditions are still carried out.

Today the Horse and Cow Pub and Grill has evolved into a family friendly restaurant with so much memorabilia that we have begun to catalogue them into the Horse and Cow Submarine Museum.

To all who knew Jimmy The Godfather — this is “From the Heart.”

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